There are currently hundreds of markets where companies are emerging that offer higher returns than the benchmark indexes, however, there are very few that provide consistently high returns on:
• 1-year period
• 3-year period
• 5-year period
• 10-year period
At Virtual Investment we have a proper investment philosophy, where we find early-stage companies with high growth potential, research them rigorously, analyze the potential opportunities and connect with investors identified with the business.
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Added value
We take advantage of the vast experience in private equity, before making the investment, our team analyzes each business, establishes a communication link with the areas in charge, corroborating that the commitments and additional procedures are fulfilled.
We work in various sectors throughout the productive industry where we know exhaustively how each business works and its particularities, so that, once each one is analyzed, the investment portfolios are opened after a certain time.
Keeping your portfolio stable is an objective we have at Virtual Investment. Taking into account the risk-reward equation, we recommend an investment horizon between 3 to 5 years, mitigating the rotation

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